4 Post Car Lift Reviews – How to Find the Best 4 Post Car Lift Reviews


When choosing a four-post car lift, the weight of your car is a very important consideration. You should choose a lift that can lift slightly more weight than the vehicle you are lifting. This will help avoid strain on the lift components. You should also read 4 post car lift reviews on Mechanic Superstore before you purchase a lift for your vehicle.

Tuxedo FP12KK

If you are looking for a high-quality, commercial grade car lift, consider the Tuxedo FP12KK. This 4-post lift features industrial-grade steel construction, boxed posts, and welded seams. It has a lifting capacity of up to 12,000 pounds and is suitable for commercial use.

The four-post design makes this car lift portable and easy to install. It features an industrial-grade steel structure and boxed posts, and the power system is electric and hydraulic. It can lift vehicles up to 12000 pounds, which is a great benefit for garages and shops. The lift features a quick release system, which makes it easier for people to lower the car after use.

Dannmar L2900

If you have a small garage and have a lot of work to do, you may want to consider a four post car lift. This type of lift is lightweight, portable, and can be set up in a short amount of time. It is also easy to use and has the most features of any car lift on the market. It can raise your vehicle up to 6000 pounds in less than a minute. It is safe to use and will not affect your garage's drive-through clearance.

The Dannmar L2900 four post car lift is a great choice for a garage. It features an eight thousand pound weighing capacity, four quick-mount casters, and a mobile jack tray. It also has aluminum approach ramps and rear-mounted hard-steel tire stops. It's an excellent choice for car repair shops and other facilities.

BendPak HDS-40X

BendPak HDS-40X car lifts are the most powerful and heavy-duty models in the company's line of truck service lifts. They are designed for maximum durability and are equipped with industry-unique safety features. These models come with 310" runways and can lift as much as 40,000 pounds.

The HDS-40X car lift offers multiple lock positions and an automatic release system that keeps the runway level during ascent and descent. Manual release systems require the operator to maneuver around the lift. The lift's built-in flow divider also prevents any uneven movement in the runway. This feature allows fast-paced shops to continue operations with minimal disruption. And with two separate safety locks and multiple safety features, this lift is almost impossible to fail. Even if it does, the runways will catch any excess cable slack and allow for safe repair.

Atlas 414 14,000

The Atlas 414 14,000-pound commercial-grade car lift is a reliable and durable piece of equipment. This lift has a solid construction and a rust-resistant powder coat finish, making it a great choice for commercial facilities. In addition to its impressive weight capacity, the Atlas 414 offers exclusive features like drive-through off-ramps.

The Atlas 414 features a high-strength cable system and oversized hydraulic cylinder. The lift's power is supplied by a 220V single-phase power source. It also has a free air line kit and slip plates built into the runways.

Universalift 8000 FP XLT

The Universalift 8000 FP XLS is a free-standing four-post car lift that can safely and securely lift vehicles up to 8,000 pounds. Its portability makes it ideal for use in a garage or single-bay commercial repair shop. Its optional accessories include an eight-gallon drain tank, two-stage transmission jack, and sliding bridge jack. An under-hist stand is also included, so you can easily move the lift from one place to another.

This 4-post lift features an industry-leading Drive-Thru width and Runway length. Its large size allows it to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles. It also comes with a standard wheel kit and four cables. Compared to other 4 post lifts on the market, it is one of the most cost-efficient options.

Dannmar X1 Easy Park

The Dannmar X1 Easy Park 4 post automobile lift offers an easy-to-use and durable solution to the space-constrained problem of parking cars. It has a 72-inch lift height and a 175x106x84-inch base, making it easy to fit under your car. The lift is easy to operate, and it has the best safety features in the industry, including multi-position safety locks. The lift's powder coating strengthens its structure and offers anti-corrosion properties.

This car lift has a two-stage, 220V single-phase electric motor for fast rise and descent. It also features an adjustable lock ladder and multi-position safety locks. It can lift a car weighing up to 7,000 pounds and has an elevation of 82 inches.

QuickJack 7000TL

The QuickJack 7000TL car lift was recently revised and upgraded to offer an additional 3 inches of lifting height. This provides enough room to perform common maintenance tasks and gives you the freedom to tackle more complicated repairs. This lift also has the same dimensions and point spread as its predecessor, but the lowered height was increased to 3.5 inches instead of two.

The 7000TL is a portable car lift that slides underneath a car and extends to lift it by the frame. This allows easy access to tires, wheels, brakes, and the chassis.